Our production plants are situated in Jiang Su province and Zhe Jiang province of China, where majority of suppliers for the textile supply chain are located. Our plants are capable in producing various spin types of yarns: fancy, woollen, semi-worsted as well as worsted.

China Factories
Zhang Jia Gang Sun Yarn Import & Export Ltd.
Zhang Jia Gang Full Top Textile Co. Ltd
Sky China Qilin Silk Spinner (Tong Xiang) Co. Ltd.

Factories Address
18 Liu Shi Lu, Lixiang Village,
Southern District of Zhang Jia Gang Economic Development Zone, Zhang Jia Gang City,
Jiang Su Province, China

No. 105 Wu Zhen East Road, 
Economic Development Zone, Tong Xiang Investment District for Foreign (Tai Wan) Investor,  Tong Xiang City, Zhe Jiang Province, China